The World Needs Your Genius

"Threads of genius and purpose are present in everyone, but only become visible when something creative is attempted." ~ William Blake, English poet (1757 – 1827)

Say the word “genius” and most people think of someone like Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Wolfie Mozart or Will Shakespeare. But trace the word back to its origins in ancient Rome and we get a much more inclusive picture of what genius means and who possesses it.

The Latin word “genius” referred to the guiding creative spirit that accompanied every individual throughout their life. It guided each person in the expression of their unique voice, talents and gifts. So as mythologist Michael Meade puts it, “The question becomes not whether or not you are a genius, but in what way does genius appear in you and how might it contribute to your own well-being and benefit the world around you.”

I think it’s fair to say that never in the history of humankind have we more needed the activation of genius within each human. Extreme weather events due to climate change, racial tensions, societal splintering, and a global pandemic are a few of the major issues that require urgent creative responses.

When we wake up our genius and answer our own unique calling we not only become more fully alive, I believe we also elevate the collective creative consciousness of the world. Says Meade, “Each person has some form of genius…the future of this world is so much in question that each person needs to be considered a potential subject of a genuine “calling” to serve in some meaningful way.”

Take a moment right now to reconnect to your personal genius. What is calling to you? What are you being called to create? Is it time to paint, write, code, plant, design, talk, dance, laugh, run, throw, spin, stretch, sing, add up, surprise, delight, renew, declare? What creative expression will bring you alive and perhaps uplift others?

Remember, by definition only you can make your contribution. If you don’t create what your unique genius is asking you to then that thing will never exist. And whatever you are truly called to create you can be sure the world needs it right now. It’s time to unleash your genius!

 Creatively Yours, Anthony

 Anthony Ackroyd, CEO Creative Call

P.S. Leave me a comment if you have decided to begin working on something you want to create. I’d love to hear about what you are creating!

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