Let’s just be honest - stress sucks! It sucks the joy out of life, depletes our energy, creates tension with other people and makes life miserable.

But there is a solution! Laughter, humour, fun and positive energy help us stress less, enjoy more and get the results we want. Laughter helps us access vitality and creativity, improves our communication and connection with others, lets us express who we truly are and makes life a joyful experience.

And here’s some really good news - you can learn the skills and strategies that will increase the levels of laughter, humour, play and positive energy you experience on a daily basis.

In the Stress Less Laugh More workshop renowned comedian and laughter expert Anthony Ackroyd will guide you into a new life with less stress, anxiety and worry and more laughter, fun, happiness, energy and success.


Enjoy this video on what Stress Less Laugh More offers!


In business stress sucks the energy, happiness and motivation out of people and prevents any business from reaching maximum potential. In his Stress Less Laugh More presentations Anthony shows participants how they can utilise the physical, emotional and mental benefits of laughter as the ultimate antidote to the effects of debilitating stress.

However, Stress Less Laugh More goes way beyond just “stress management”. This presentation teaches potent tools and techniques for using the energy of laughter, humour and associated positive energy states to propel a business to a whole new level of motivation, engagement, influence, happiness and achievement in the workplace. 

Anthony delivers practical steps that enable a business or business person to access a storehouse of vitality and creativity, improve communication and ability to skilfully connect with others, and take teamwork and productive collaboration to new heights. And have a heap of fun in the process!

* How stress reduces our ability to produce the results we want and diminishes the enjoyment of achieving our goals.


* How to use the physical, emotional and mental benefits of humour and laughter as the ultimate antidote to the debilitating effects of stress.


* How to take advantage of laughter research showing that those who develop Humour Skills make more money, have better health, better relationships and enjoy more business success than the humour-challenged.


* How to leverage the power of fun as fuel for motivation, resilience and sustained wellbeing.


* How to skilfully use humour as a communication technique to amplify influence, boost engagement, encourage teamwork and enhance leadership.


* How to increase Humour Intelligence and take innovation and creativity to a higher level.


* How to apply Anthony’s Stress Less Laugh More 10 Point Plan to create a career or business that is filled with extraordinary levels of happiness, energy and success.

“We decided to host a Stress Less Laugh More presentation with Anthony Ackroyd to realise the benefits of a healthier workforce  where people are productive and  feel engaged, motivated and valued.

We had high expectations and Anthony far exceeded them. Whilst Anthony was hilariously funny, he has a unique ability to engage the audience and elicit an emotional response. A huge success and rave reviews received from all who participated. I thank Anthony for sharing with us some of his key tools to laughing more and stressing less.  We highly recommend Anthony for any corporate engagement you may be seeking.”



“Anthony’s Stress Less Laugh More talk was brilliantly funny, valuable and inspiring. Our delegates loved Anthony and he was an extremely fun and positive contribution to our meeting. We would highly recommend this workshop.” 



I cannot recommend Anthony Ackroyd highly enough. He was brilliant and his efforts over the last 2 days helped lift us to heights not seen before in my time at this organisation. He managed to get us out of the box!!! Not an easy task! Well done!!  We all agreed Anthony’s work stimulated us to produce excellent outputs that will be very valuable for our business in years to come.  Again we highly recommend Anthony to any business that wants extraordinary results.”



“Anthony delivered three informative, engaging and valuable sessions during the day, with extremely positive feedback received. Anthony not only delivered the workshops in a professional and engaging manner, but took the time to align the workshop content with the SCA’s cultural change initiatives. Highly recommended.” 



 “After a stressful year for the sector, we thought Anthony would be just the tonic. We were sensationally correct. Feedback from our members is glowing with many managers wanting a happy and harmonious workplace which increases productivity sending whole groups for laughter training. On a personal level people have remarked on the wonderful experience and the lessons to be learnt. From ATEM’s viewpoint a harmonious workplace is creative, optimistic and resourceful.

Anthony is very funny, as a session with such a title should be, but he immerses it with the science of laughter and presents it with an exuberant, high-spirited and enthusiastic energy. We highly recommend this program.”



“The greatest testament to the power of Anthony’s flawless presentation is that our people have continued to use the information he gave us to get solid, tangible results.”



Anthony’s Stress Less Laugh More sessions were amazing. As you would expect we did a lot of laughing – but Anthony is way more than just an outstanding highly acclaimed comedian. His insight and practical tips on reducing stress left a lasting impression on all of our staff. Absolutely brilliant and practical!



“Anthony is an engaging, enlightening and extremely funny presenter. The conference evaluations rated him so highly that if we respond to audience feedback he will have to be a permanent fixture on the program for future conferences. They loved him! As convenor I found Anthony extremely organised, reliable and prepared, a convenor’s dream. He is simply fantastic!”



“Stress Less Laugh More was an entertaining and educational way of understanding how to get great personal and professional outcomes by thinking and acting differently. The combination of Anthony's comedic talent and extensive research on the amazing benefits of laughter resulted in a powerful and enriching experience for all our staff. In response to this workshop with my management team, I have been appointed the 'Stress Less Laugh More' ambassador, with a mission of ensuring humour is a component of each of our meetings.”


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